People + Purpose = Possibilities

At Face2Face we are passionate about People. We are a professional coaching consultancy of aspirational, passionate people who believe everyone can live their life at 100% of their potential. We provide an outside of the box service as an extension to your in-house capability.



At Face2Face we use the powerful Clifton StrengthsFinder to tap into you and your team’s most unique capacity for excellence! Be the best you can be by focusing on who you are and what you are instinctively good at.


Does your team culture matter to you? How do we inspire culture as leaders? How do we create environments where people matter most? How do we inspire individuals to bring the best of ourselves to the teams we are a part of every day?


Imagine a life where you are authentically valued for who you are, for your passion and your strengths and not just your output, where you go home from work feeling inspired and energised with more, not less capacity for yourself and your family.

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Our Force For Good

The Foundation

We believe that strong foundations lead to a strong future and that is why our Foundation are working in disadvantaged schools to help students know and understand their strengths and their uniqueness.

Changed Thinking = Changed People = Changed Outcomes

The Face2Face Team

Managing Director

A thinker, ideator, connector with developed interpersonal skills, an ability to understand and motivate people to greater effectiveness through strengths investment. I am at core a big picture thinker with broad business experience giving me a keen understanding of what it takes to succeed and how to flourish in life. 

 I AM ...

Strengths Coach

I love watching people transform into what they have an innate ability to become. Face2Face has given me the tools to help people see their true selves in light of their strengths. It is an absolute privilege and a blessing to participate in something that is changing lives one face at a time.


I AM ...

Strengths Coach 

Working with the team at Face2Face gives me a wonderful opportunity to shine a light onto under-valued or unrecognised talents to empower people to be what they are made to be. I love seeing others thrive as they grow in self-awareness and overcome limitations.

I AM ...

International Director

Passionate about developing, mentoring and supporting aspiring individuals to unlock their potential, never limited by current realities, I see a unique path into excellence for individuals, teams and businesses.

I AM ...

Communications Manager

To know, to understand, to value and to use your unique set of strengths every day is transformative. It's such a pleasure to work for a company that makes you feel genuinely valued and that energises you for both work and home life.

I AM...

Strengths Coach

Face2Face is about changing lives one face at a time. Knowing that I am helping people to release their full potential and unearth their God given gifts is very fulfilling. The conversations and reactions have been priceless! The possibilities endless! With Face2Face, I feel I am living my purpose and in the process enjoying the journey.

I AM ...

Strengths Coach

I am a believer in human potential.  Everybody has a story to tell, everybody has gifts to offer.  I like to figure it out with you! My reward? That moment you make the connection between your gifts and your behaviour! Working in your strengths zone not only makes you happy, it has a positive impact on those around you, family, friends and colleagues!  Join the movement!


I AM ...


Being a part of the Face2Face team is an experience of self discovery and when your role is based around ones individual strengths, it is as if the job was tailor made just for you. Working with the Face2Face team there is an encouragement to embrace and appreciate each persons unique strengths, allowing for you to be the best possible you.

I AM ...

Strengths Coach

I am energized and passionate about helping individuals and teams to become self-aware and to maximise their potential. Being part of Face2Face gives me

access to a team of like minded individuals who are also purpose-driven to enable people to be better versions of themselves.


I AM ...

Offices in South Africa, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe