Passionate About People




At Face2Face we are passionate about People. We are a professional coaching consultancy of aspirational, passionate people who believe everyone can live their life at 100% of their potential. We provide an outside of the box service as an extension to your in-house capability.


Face2Face Consulting, has offices in South Africa, the UK and Zimbabwe, and has clients in 6 influential southern African cities across 3 countries. Ian Conolly and Adrian Willard have developed an exciting program of how to inspire organisational culture. It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it.


Together with our talented and creative team we are on a mission to change the face of Africa by changing the heart of leadership. Leaders who get people's hearts and heads inspire their hands to work with passion and their feet to take the culture wider.


We celebrate classic business values of integrity, honesty and equality, shaped by successful historical models and experiences. We are striving to create a growing community and movement of people who know their strengths, know their purpose and together, are a force for good.


We start with creating Strength based cultures, a global movement based on the Clifton Strengths assessment. It is about focusing on what people do right, creating a culture of strengths, enabling the discovery of the highest version of ourselves, being the best that we can be. The key to success is to fully understand how to apply our greatest talents and strengths every day.


People matter above all else and authentic leaders live this. Yet for too long we have lived with a value system that places profit, shareholder value and growth above people. Since the first industrial revolution, we have perpetuated systems where people are managed as commodities. We believe it’s time for change, time for a truly human value system to be restored, where leaders manage processes and lead people.


It is in the hands of leaders to build a culture of TRUST. Trust is fundamental to growth of relationships, relationships are fundamental to team, and team is fundamental to success. Leaders need to be equipped to authentically value people above all else, to restore the trust that has been lost in the work place. It begins with people. We value each individual for who they are, and we believe in exploring and identifying people’s talents and potential. Calling out our unique strengths gives us our greatest opportunity to achieve desired excellence.


When you work with Face2Face it's not just your organisation, your life or your family who benefit. You will also be a part of the amazing impact of our Foundation. We believe that strong foundations lead to a strong future and that is why our Foundation is developing plans to work with schools, colleges and universities, helping students know and understand their strengths and their uniqueness. In doing so we want to create a new generation of people who feel hope, have the courage to the best of themselves, and know what a difference they can make to both their own life and that of others. 


Authentic Leaders Inspiring Culture to be a Force for Good